Man Wearing Threadbare Clothing


Threadbare began as a contemporary menswear, staple premium quality pieces at affordable prices. Within the Men’s collection are key styles for the modern man, perfect for the working day to being out and about with family to more relaxed holiday attire. Shirts, shorts, coats and jackets, joggers, and t-shirts are all part of the collection – all finely executed in high quality, wearable fabrics in timeless designs for effortless style.

In 2021, Threadbare launched its first lines of womenswear which has continued to blossom. Womenswear has become a key part of the Threadbare brand family and offers stylish and flattering pieces for every woman. Our designers are always ahead of the latest trends and bring fashion-forward, wearable pieces for every aspect of life.


Threadboys was born in 2017 after the A. M. London team identified a demand in the market for Threadbare pieces for a younger audience.

The boyswear brand offers stylish pieces to inspire confidence in young boys, empowering them to be the best version of themselves. In Threadboys clothing, boys can find and experiment with their own personal style and discover their identity whilst in comfortable and capable clothes that allow them just to be themselves. With style influencers likely to be bigger brothers, cousins, uncles or those in the media spotlight, the clothing line carries fresh, youthful versions of the core pieces found in Threadbare.

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Sister brand to Threadboys, Threadgirls was born in 2020. Girls can discover wardrobe essentials to empower them.

They can dress like their mum in Mini Me styles, experiment with casual and more dressed-up styles and cosy up in the cutest set of pyjamas. There’s something for every personality. At A. M. London we want to give girls the confidence to be themselves while finding their own personal style with our fashion forward clothing, suitable for everything they get up to.

A.M. London launched Threadpaw in 2021, designing jackets and jumpers for dogs.

Pets are a big part of the family as we know very well at A. M. London, so Threadpaw was the next step for our family-focused brand. Threadpaw offers something stylish and a little different for your pup, even at Christmastime!

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